Why You Should Choose Our Singapore Chauffeur Service

Comfort, punctuality, and comfort are just a few of the many benefits that our Singapore chauffeur service offers you. If you are still wondering whether or not to use our chauffeur services in Singapore, then read on and find out how this decision can help ease your transportation needs. The following guide shows how our Singapore Chauffeur Service can be customised to meet your unique needs.


Benefits for Travellers


Airport travel is usually very stressful with all the planning, documents, luggage and queues along with other inconveniences. Using our customised Singapore Chauffeur Service can help make your airport transfer more relaxing and offer the following benefits.


  • Direct drive to your hotel or home


When your flight lands at a late hour, you may be worried about finding a suitable bus or train to your destination. However, when you book our chauffeur Singapore service, our chauffer will be waiting for you and then take you directly to your chosen destination.


  • No Delays


Airplanes do not wait for late passengers to arrive before taking off. We have highly punctual Singapore chauffeurs who can help you easily arrive on-time at the airport without any delay.


  • Spacious Ride


Many people travel with several suitcases to cater to all their needs, especially when travelling for several weeks. We offer spacious cars, and our drivers are also willing to help you load the car for an easier airport transfer.


Benefits for Travelling Professionals


Business commute is an essential expenditure that nearly everyone has to deal with every day. Our Singapore Chauffeur Service can help make this daily commute less stressful in the following ways:


  • Always Punctual


Punctuality is crucial in most jobs, and definitely a value you should portray to your bosses and co-workers. To ensure you are always punctual consider hiring our Singapore chauffeur Service.


  • Convenient


Responding to clients’ calls or emails can happen any time, even when you are in transit. Our dedicated Singapore chauffeur service gives you the comfort and convenience to attend to your clients from any location.


  • Create a Good Impression


Creating a great impression is vital in business. Our chauffeur Singapore fleet features the latest cars to offer you an elegant and discreet ride.


Benefits for newlyweds


You should not compromise when it comes to planning transportation for your special wedding day. Hire our top quality Singapore chauffeur service today to transport you to your wedding venue in style and on-time.


  • Decorations


With each wedding being unique, you certainly want yours to stand out. You can have our cars decorated using ribbons or flowers to match your wedding theme.


Our professional drivers and our high-quality cars can drive you anywhere you want to go in Singapore. Contact us with your transportation requirements today for the best Singapore chauffeur service.

Singapore Chauffeur Service

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Moving around in Singapore Chauffeur Service

SgChauffeur was set up to provide an economical solution to transport issues faced in the high standard of living in Singapore whereby a piece of the COE (Certificate of Entitlement) cost SGD$60,000 easily, making buying a car at least in the near SGD$100,000 figure.

Before the rise of Uber and Grab (around year 2013), SgChauffeur was enjoying an occasional good business. When the industry gets disrupted, our business has to change too.
We cannot compete with them on convenience but what we can offer our customer are a different set of values.

  1. great savings for long bookings
  2. trustworthy

To elaborate further, for example you want to have a wedding photoshoot, if you have 5 locations to shoot and a team of photographer with many gears.
Would you want to be cracking your head and worrying about transport and worrying about the special ‘surge’ pricing that the Brilliant company came up with to ensure that you have a fair fare?
I wouldn’t. I would rather set aside a budget and book a driver to ensure that i looked my best by not worrying about the nitty-gritty details for my wedding shoot.
Paying fair value for a peace of mind. If money can buy, i will do it. Would you?